Dassie Prus

Doylestown, PA

As a mom of seven and a teacher in the field of Jewish education, Dassie searched for a accurate and beautiful book that tells the story of Chanukah. Unable to find what she was looking for, she decided to write her own. She first self-published It as an exciting BIG book. Her fans encouraged her to create more content and so the Jewish Holiday series grew. 

Dassie's goal is to share the history and meaning behind each Jewish holiday. Thought-out, realistic style illustrations help readers grasp and visualize the concepts conveyed in the story. Her books provide children, educators and parents an enjoyable learning experience. Jewish Big Books are available in various sizes. The best part of creating her books is hearing how readers have enjoyed them. Love the books? Let Dassie know! 

This Chanukah book is the Best Chanukah book I have ever read! It tells the story in such a clear and meaningful way for both children and adults. The illustration is magnificent and truly brings the story to life in an incredible way. My favorite part is how the author ends the book, bringing the message of Chanukah to us today.

Rosie Weinstein

I just had my big book copy delivered and all I can say is WOW! It is absolutely gorgeous beyond. So amazing for a wide age range and an amazing teaching too. Seriously blown away by this book.

Chaya Roitblatt
New York

Honestly, every time I take out a big book it's magic! Those are my best Hebrew School days.

Shayndel Zaklos

The big books are MAGICAL! The illustrations are absolutely amazing and very attractive. We have a few children in Hebrew School who really don’t go for any story book, but when I read your they listen to every detail. It’s incredible. Thank you!


Mina Liberow